A highly regarded French teacher

Vincent has been imparting French language education for over a quarter of a century. He is a native French speaker and is fluent in three languages, which he uses regularly in his daily life: French and English. He earned a degree in Language Sciences from the University of Paris VIII and has lived and taught in the Nordic countries and New York. Currently, he is a French language instructor at the highly regarded University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland.


In 2007, Vincent began his journey on YouTube with the belief that video was a powerful tool for teaching French as a second language. He has never wavered from this conviction, continuously producing videos to aid those who are striving to master French. Today, his online learning community boasts over 1 million subscribers, 50+ YouTube channels, and an impressive total of 500 million views.


In 2016, Vincent established a comprehensive platform, www.french4me.net, to provide users with all the resources necessary for mastering French: videos, audio recordings, PDFs, apps, e-books, iBooks, quizzes, and more. However, he realized that the abundance of material could be overwhelming for some learners. As a result, he created this website, offering a streamlined curriculum consisting of all the essential videos, allowing you to master French at your own pace.

A productive French teacher

Over the past 15 years, Vincent has created and published over 200,000 videos, which have been viewed by millions of people globally. He constantly evaluates and adjusts his content based on the feedback he receives from his users and students.

Accuracy and paying attention to details are critical aspects

Vincent is dedicated to ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the grammar topics you must master if you are determined to learn the language. He will not shy away from any necessary topic and will provide instruction at the same level of quality that he has been delivering to students in universities for many years.

Making Dry or Boring Topics Enjoyable

With a deep understanding of French grammar and years of experience, Vincent recognizes that the subject can be quite dry. To mitigate this, he always strives to make the introduction of these topics light and enjoyable.

French language "à la carte"

Over the course of many years, with the assistance of numerous students, this curriculum has been meticulously structured and continuously refined to accommodate learners of all ages and levels.

Many beautiful stories

Throughout the years, Vincent's videos have enabled countless individuals to fulfill their aspirations, such as conversing in French with friends and family, relocating to a French-speaking country, and forming closer connections with loved ones. These success stories have elicited numerous expressions of gratitude from those who have been impacted.